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ADHD is also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It ruins the quality of life for those who have it. The disorder makes people unable to focus on important tasks and events in their lives. Young children are not able to focus in school and get good grades and behave well. Adults are not able to pay close enough attention to their work, spouse and children. This results in them being poor parents and to have low or non existent incomes. Their lives would be much better if they could find a way to manage their ADHD disorder. Luckily, a drug known as Strattera exists. It is not perfect and does have some defects but it does manage the ADHD condition if used properly.

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Strattera is also known as Atomoxetine. It works by managing the brain chemicals that cause people to have difficulty with their focus and attention span. This drug is taken in capsules that range form 10 to 100mg. It can be used by anyone who is older than the age of 6. This drug is often taken as a part of a program that includes counseling and therapy. A prescription from a doctor and medical supervision is recommended for those who plan to use this item.

Strattera is very effective but there are numerous side effects. There have been many cases where insomnia and weight loss has been reported. Some patients have suffered from irritability and others have felt suicidal. It should be reported to a doctor is any unusual thoughts or desire exists to hurt yourself. This could mean that one may commit suicide if they continue to use this drug. Broken or open capsules are very dangerous and could cause numerous side effects if they touch or enter the eyes. It is not recommended to use broken or open capsules due to the effects that it may cause.

It is nor recommended that certain people take this drug. Safety risks exist and could cause health damage. This item is not safe for those who suffer or have had problems with their heart, liver or blood pressure. It could prove fatal if those people try to take this item. Hopefully, in he future, the drug will be perfected and benefit people who have these conditions. Scientists work hard every day to try to make it a better drug that is safe for everyone. This will make it more profitable for businesses and beneficial for customers.

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